Rental Conditions

1. Conditions
It is very important that the tenant during the rental period responsible is for the rented goods (bike and accessories).

2. Opening hours
Quality Bike Rent Amsterdam (QBR) is open from Monday-Sunday 9:00 – 18:00.

3. Rental period
The rental period is the period between the opening hours of QBR and handing in rented goods. Like confirm contract. See the opening hours.

4. Rent

  • The rent is determined on the basis of the rates applicable at the time of entering into the rental agreement of the lessor. These are listed in the business premises of the rented bicycles.
  • The rental price is settled with the deposit.

5. Deposit

  1. Security deposit A: Original Passport/ID Card/Drivers license. For up to 6 bikes plus €50,00 deposit cash by bike.   
    2. Security deposit B: Creditcard, here is made a copy of for up to 6 bikes.

After returning the bicycles without damage with 2 keys the copy will be destroyed.

6. Insurance

  • You can take out the insurance for theft and/or damage. For bicycles this amounts to €1.50 from 1 to 4 hours and €3.00 per day per bicycle. This insurance then applies to theft and damage.


  • With the insurance you have deductible of €50,00 and of special bicycles €200,00.
  • Own risk eco applies only if you hand in both keys of the bikes at QBR. If no keys are handed in, the bicycle must be reimbursed to QBR. Reimbursement for bicycle stand €350,00, luxury bike €500,00 and special bike €1200,00.
  • If the bike is stolen, you must file a declaration with the nearest police station. You must hand over the copy of the declaration form to QBR.

7. Bicycle locks

  • Every bike from QBR is equipped with 2 locks with keys. Excluded from the disabled bikes this has a separate lock.
  • Note that the bike is always properly locked.

8. General

  • If the bicycle is returned, always keep the contract at hand.
  • During the time that the tenant disposes of the bicycle (s), all costs related to the use of the bicycle such as garages are repairs to tires etc. (to third parties) that have been made without the express permission of QBR are for the account of the tenant.
  • In case of problems with the bicycle you can always contact QBR.
  • Each bike must be handed in with 2 locks and 2 keys.
  • The personal details of the tenant that are mentioned on the contract are processed by QBR.
  • After returning the bike(s) without damage and 2 keys, the copy will be destroyed.
  • You pay at the start.

Quality Bike Rent Amsterdam

Peperstraat 4 H
1011 TL Amsterdam

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday 9:00 – 18:00
The bikes must be brought back at
17:45 in the evening.

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